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We like to get a running start on the fall semester by doing some reading over the summer.   With this in mind, we’ve picked a summer reading that we hope will get you into an Oregon frame of mind—considering both the physical and mental terrain of our hideaway in the wild west.

The summer book for 2024 is Mink River by Brian Doyle.

You will need to pick up your own copy of this book.  Don't procrastinate—it is a fun book to read, a pleasant diversion to how ever you are spending your summer, and will get you into an Oregon mood.

Your professors are reading a few shorter  things that we may send to you later in the summer in PDF form.  We'll communicate directly with incoming students when we've decided.

You’ll pick up and pay for the rest of your books upon your arrival at the OE, but please bring book with you, since we will be discussing it during our first days together.  

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