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Consider this your packing list!


Utilitarian clothing is best or clothes which require little care.  Occasions for dressing up are pretty rare.  Sneakers, t-shirts, shorts and maybe sweats will come in handy for ultimate frisbee, running, or other recreation.  Bring a swimsuit for the pond, mountain lakes, and the coast.  It usually rains a bit in southern Oregon in the fall so fairly dependable rain gear is a must, especially for the backpack.  Often our weather at Lincoln is very mild into November.  When the temperature does drop and the snows come, you'll want warm clothes like flannel shirts and sweaters to layer under a medium weight jacket, wool hat, gloves, hiking boots, etc.  All those items might be necessary as early as September when we spend a week in the mountains at high altitudes.  Better bring your long underwear, and make it wool or polypropylene, if possible. A sleeping bag rated to 10º could become your best friend on the chilly mornings that your cabinmates let the wood stove go out, and you want to read a while in your living room.  A link to a more detailed list of gear needed for the backpack trip can be found below.


The cabins are comfortably furnished and the kitchens modestly equipped with all the usual items including toasters, coffee makers and mixers.  There are no microwaves in the kitchens, but there is one for student use in the Cookhouse.  Bring bedding: twin-sized sheets, blankets, and pillow cases -- at least a bottom sheet is necessary: our mattresses suffer if you sleep in your sleeping bag all fall. We provide pillows, but bring your own if you prefer.  Bring towels.  Bring your camera and binoculars, if you like.  An alarm clock is a good idea, as your phones won’t necessarily be in your cabin. A laptop with a word-processing program on it is a big help, since everyone here has the same paper deadlines. We have a computer lab with several laptops and printers. You will need minimal school supplies: a hefty notebook or 3-ring binder with loose-leaf, along with an arsenal of reliable pens.  Bring a pair of inexpensive work gloves for our maintenance afternoons.  We have an assortment of mountain bikes and cross-country skis available for student use, so unless you’re very attached to yours, you can use ours.  Don't forget to bring your clarinet or guitar.  The Cookhouse has a baby grand piano, so bring your sheet music if you play.

Please remember our very firm request that you leave non-iPod style music systems, computer games and other technologically distracting gizmos at home. 


Print out the BACKPACK GEAR LIST to get your head into what you'll need for the September backpack trip.  The key item is good boots.  The OE provides backpacks, tents, cooking gear, and first aid kits (that's mostly to treat the blisters that come from bad boots!).  Warm, lightweight layers of clothing are the second thing to be rounding up over the summer.

If you ship your stuff, send it to yourself at the OE address.  UPS comes up here daily.

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