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You will be living in a cozy, comfortable, clean cabin with three to four other same-gendered housemates for the fall. The cabins each have two two-person bedrooms with a top and bottom bunk, and one small one-person bedroom with a top bunk over the desk.  The mattresses are traditional twin-sized and regular length.  We provide mattress pads and ask that you bring your own sheets, comforter and pillow (it’s easiest to just ship these bulky items here U.P.S.).  If you wish to sleep in your sleeping bag all semester, then please bring a bottom sheet to put over the mattress pad.  Each bedroom also has a desk, chair and bureau per student, and a closet with hangers.  An alarm clock is a good idea as well, since you will not necessarily have your cell phone with you in your cabin during the week.

Every cabin has a carpeted, fully furnished living room with the woodstove as its centerpiece.  Somewhere around mid-October, maybe even sooner, you will be putting fires in to take the autumn chill off.  We will give you a quick and simple briefing on how to use your woodstove, how to properly remove the ashes, and how to maximize your BTUs.  We all heat our homes with woodstoves here at Lincoln, and this is one of the wonderful aspects of winter living on the Greensprings!

The bathroom is your basic sink and shower and toilet set-up.

The kitchens have the standard electric oven/stove, fridge, and sink and dining table.  They are modestly but sufficiently outfitted with all the dishes, flatware, pots, pans, casserole dishes, bowls and utensils for normal cooking and baking needs.  There are toasters, blenders, mixers and coffee makers (no microwaves, however, just a common one in the Cookhouse).  In addition, each cabin has a boxed set of the three volume Mennonite More With Less cookbooks to assist in assembling easy-to make, healthy dishes.

You do not need to bring any additional kitchenware unless you have a particular cooking item you can’t live without.  We do a lot of borrowing around here.

All the cabins have decks which add extra living space sometimes well into November.

Over the summer we will be in touch with you to ask if you have roommate preferences--e.g., vegetarians/carnivores, night owls/early risers, comfort level with tidiness. 


The Oregon Extension, 15097 Highway 66, Ashland, OR. 97520

The emergency phone numbers at which you can be reached here:

616.676.6401 (that’s Will's cell number) or 541,842.0860 (that’s Tad’s cell number).

Since your stay here is relatively short, we suggest you retain your school or home address and have your mail forwarded out here.

If you or your folks have any questions whatsoever, be sure to contact Will at

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