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Semester Begins with Camp Simplify:  Tuesday, August 27

All students enrolled at the OE for fall 2024 must plan to arrive at the OE on Tuesday, August 27.  If flying in, we will pick you up at the Medford airport; if coming by train, we will pick you up at the Klamath Falls Amtrak station.  Orientation sessions, including an area walk-around, begin Wednesday morning.


Segment 1:  Begins Monday, September 2

What Is Nature?

BACKPACK TRIP:  September 23-27

Segment 2:  Begins Monday, September 30

What Is Community?

OREGON COAST TRIP:  October 23-25

Segment 3:  Begins Monday, October 28

What Is a Sustainable World?

SAN FRANCISCO TRIP:  November 20-23

Segment 4:  Begins Monday, November 25

What Does It Mean to Be Human?

Departure Date: Thursday, December 19

Formal events end late Wednesday evening.  We will get you to the Medford airport in time for the earliest flights (beginning at 5 a.m.) on Thursday morning.  We will also supply transportation to the morning Amtrak train out of Klamath Falls.

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