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Lincoln is located within the greater boundaries of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, the first national monument created specifically to protect biodiversity.  Home to Great Gray Owls, Black Bears, the famous Grey Wolf fondly called "OR-7," rare Oregon Spotted Frogs and a wealth of lichens, wildflowers, and butterflies, this area is a national treasure.

See the Monument map.  The OE campus (the small village of Lincoln) is unmarked on this map, but is located in the upper-right panhandle, at the intersection of Green Springs Highway and Mill Creek Road.  We are less than three miles from the Pacific Crest Trail.


After a ten year effort, the Monument, which was created in 2000 to protect 66,000 acres of meadows, forests, and watersheds, was expanded to include 111,000 acres.  This expansion strategically integrates upper elevations of the already protected watersheds and fills in gaps to piece together contiguous land bridges for migratory animals.  The expansion was created by President Obama in a January 12, 2017 Proclamation under the 1906 American Antiquities Act. See the expanded Monument map here.

Most of these photos courtesy of former OE professor Steve Johnson.  See more of his conservation photography here.

View from Hobart's Bluff in the Monument
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